Hey Lebron: This One’s On You 

The final chapter of a long NBA season has come upon us. The Cavaliers and Warriors are set to battle it out for the NBA title. The series should be exciting between both these TEAMS. Unfortunately, when Lebron James is involved, the word TEAM is not in his vocabulary. 

Whether you like it or not, this year’s NBA Finals will again be about one name, Lebron James.  


This year, Lebron made his (comeback to Cleveland to try and salvage some respect) comeback and he is back in the Finals for the 5th straight season and 6th overall time in his career. Lebron is 2-3 overall in his Finals career, which would either make him 3-3 with a win this year or 2-4 with a loss. 

So what does this year’s Finals appearance mean for Lebron’s legacy?  

It means everything.  

Another loss in the NBA Finals would not look great for Lebron. At the beginning of the season, Lebron said he did not expect his team to do much in the postseason. The expectations around Cleveland, however, always have and always will be for a championship. Lebron came back to Cleveland to be considered the “savior” and bring a championship back to Cleveland for the first time since 1964.  

If Lebron wants to be considered the greatest player of all time (he already thinks he is), then he has to win these Finals this year. 

Why? Because he is the most hyped up athlete of this generation and possibly of all time.He brings so much attention to himself that it makes it impossible to not give him all the pressure to bring his team to a title. Lebron makes it all about himself. 

So go ahead Lebron, show us how great you really are. Save your home city from this championship drought and get it done. We are tired of waiting. You proved you could do it with the Heat, but the haters are still here and we know winning it all in Cleveland is the most important to you. Win it this year and you have the rest of your career to rack up the titles with the Cavs. You’ll only have so many opportunities to play for a championship, so finish the job while you can. Take the pressure off yourself and you can relax and be adored by the city of Cleveland for life. 

But for now we wait… 

And see if Lebron is ready to step up to the challenge and take his Cleveland Cavaliers to their first NBA title. 


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