Bulls Fire Head Coach Tom Thibodeau


The Chicago Bulls have officially fired Head Coach Tom Thibodeau. This move seems to have been looming since the Bulls season ended just a few short weeks ago. Thibodeau has been coaching the squad for the last five seasons, posting a 255-139 overall record giving him a .647 winning percentage…not bad. This record was good enough to lead the Bulls to the postseason in every one of his five seasons in Chicago. Thibodeau was named NBA coach of the year with the Bulls during the 2010-2011 season as well, an extremely high honor. Not to mention, all of this was accomplished with a Derrick Rose that was either injured or not 100% healthy. 

So was this the right move for the Chicago Bulls moving forward?

Absolutely not.


Tom Thibodeau is easily one of the best coaches in the NBA right now behind Gregg Popovich and Doc Rivers. As mentioned before, the Bulls were playing much of Thibodeau’s tenure with a hobbled Derrick Rose, who has not been the same dominant force he was when he won the MVP in 2011. Taking an NBA franchise to 5 straight postseasons without a franchise player in this generation’s NBA is almost unheard of.

Looking at this season alone, however, the Bulls were more impressive than anyone could have imagined. Pau Gasol came to town and stepped up big time for the Bulls and Jimmy Butler stepped up to seem like he can be a premiere talent in the Association. The 3-seeded Bulls were also the only team that was able to give the Cavaliers a decent series in the playoffs, pushing them to 6 games while the Cavaliers swept the Celtics in the first round and the Hawks in the Eastern Conference Finals.

So why would the Bulls fire their Coach after what seemed to be a year where the Chicago Bulls could be a championship contender?

The only legitimate answer would be a re-build, but that remains to be seen.

I do not understand the move, but that’s why I’m sitting here and not in the Chicago Bulls front office.

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