Bryce Is Baseball

When Bryce Harper steps into the box, be ready for something special.

Harper is playing the best baseball of his career. And yeah I’ll say it he’s finally living up to that potential the scouts said he had. The numbers are just insane. 17 dinger, 12 of them in the month of May. Yeah that’s pretty damn good.

The homer run theatrics along with the hair flip have made me a huge fan. Too bad he plays for Washington, this guy is the face of the game right now.

Harper and Mike Trout are the new heroes of the game. But with Bryce doing all the stuff he’s doing right now, we can safely say, Bryce is “best for business”.

If he’s a free agent next year expect New York and LA targeting him. I want him in Boston, but people tell me we don’t need him. Yeah….we don’t need Bryce Harper….morons.

Harper is the bad boy of baseball. He is the superstar we need in wake of the Jeter retirement and the swan song for David Ortiz. Bryce Harper in the next two years will be the face of the game.

I hope you all are ready for the Harper-era. I know I sure am.


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