3 Black And Gold Options

The Bruins are in need of a game-changer. Don Sweeney says he wants to change the outlook of the club while players within want to keep the things the way they are. Here is what I think Donny should do as I sit here and listen to music.

1. Trade For the rights of a Top 6 Forward

There are a few names that are restricted free agents at the end of the year. Two names that stick out to me are Carl Hagelin and Tyler Toffoli. These two guys could fill the void that the Bruins have been left with. Hagelins speed teamed with Pastrnak and Spooner could be a lethal weapon. June 25th cannot come soon enough.

2. Move Dennis Seidenberg

Listen, Seids has been an awesome player for the Bruins. But as the old adage goes, all good things must come to an end. Seidenberg was a liability at many times last season. The young defensive crop  that the Bruins have led by Torey Krug and Dougie Hamilton(RFA) need guys that can skate with them. See you later Seidenberg.

3. Figure Out The Lucic Situation

I brought it up earlier in another post about Milian Lucic. Hes going to be looking to cash in for the big bucks. He wants to stay here, but like with Seidenberg it might be time to let Lucic go. He is a solid player which puts a big weight on the teams shoulders.



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