The Don Sweeney Era

The Bruins have picked their new GM and the name to know is Don Sweeney. Sweeney played 15 seasons in Boston before going to Dallas for a few. He has also been a part of the office dating back to 2006.

Sweeney has a lot of work ahead of him.

The first thing he will have to look at is the head coaching position. Claude Julien has done an exceptional job with the team but it may be time to move on from him. Dan Bylsma is a major name that comes to mind when thinking of a fresh start in Boston. But a name I think that could make a splash in Boston is Guy Boucher. Boucher coached Tampa Bay to an Eastern Conference final a few years back and could be the answer to the Bruins potential coaching search.

Another piece that Sweeney has to look into is the contract of Milan Lucic. Lucic is going into a contract year, and will look to cash in big time with Boston. But as many Boston sports radio heads have said, and I agree, it may not be worth keeping Lucic. Lucic is your typical “Big Bad Bruin”, but if you want to change the teams culture into speed and finesse, then Lucic is on the outside.

There are plenty of other things that Sweeney must look to, but these are just two quick hit points that he will have to look forward to first. Sooner than later hes going to want to look at them, if he waits to long then well we may have Chiarelli volume 2. Should be an interesting off-season in Boston.

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