Time To Dish Ovi?

Do the Caps after 10 years with Ovi, throw his name out on the trade market? I think at this point, the Caps should entertain some offers. 

Yeah, I did just say that and you can call me crazy. 

10 years is a long time with one franchise. In those 10 years, Alexander Ovechkin has never led his team to the conference finals. And after a brutal collapse after being up 3-1 on the Rangers, it could be time to let the great 8 go.

I know it may seem like crazy talk but if the Caps want to win they may want to seriously consider it. The quality players you could get for Alex is in my opinion something that could lead to the Cup. 

I give four teams the head start on Alexander the Great. Edmonton, Minnesota, St. Louis and as a long shot the Maple Leafs.

The Wild and Blues can give you star power. With the Wild it could be Jason Zucker and/or Charlie Coyle along with a pick and another guy. The Blues can throw the name TJ Oshie at you with possibly Jayden Schwartz. Some high profile names that may appease Washington. 

Edmonton, now in my opinion they could really make noise with this. Yakupov isn’t really happy there, so I say throw him Jordan Eberele and two picks(not the 1st overall) at the Caps. This could be the blockbuster deal we see happen. 

Could it happen? Yeah it could. Will it happen? Most likely not. I know it’s wishful thinking, the Caps may read this and say, “That Jack kid knows what’s up!”. 


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