Then There Were 4 

In the words of Doc Emrick, “My goodness.”

4 teams left standing, all with star power and all with true grit. Saturday starts it all, what a wild ride. 

I’m making no picks. I had Washington and Chicago in the cup. I’m on the Chicago bandwagon so I’m sticking there.

New York, Anaheim and Tampa Bay are the other three alive. 

The Quack Attack led by Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf make for an awesome series with Chicago. That could easily and should go 7. Goaltending will be huge in this one, not sure who has the advantage.

The Rangers and Lightning have heart monitor written all over it. If this doesn’t go 7, then I will feel robbed. Callahan and Boyle play against a team who made them who they are. And Hank has been on his game, after that game 7 performance, I don’t know what he has in store for us. 

Is it Hanks year? Is it Stammers year? Or does the West take another one? I guess that’s why we play the game.

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