Alexander The Great 

Let us go back to my radio show, Corsi’s Crease, about a month ago when the playoffs started. We on the show said this would be Alexander Ovechkins biggest chance to prove himself in the postseason.

So far, so good.

Ovi and the Caps are 1 win, yes 1 win away from moving on to the Conference Finals. A feat that Alexander The Great has never accomplished.

They will have to win it on the road. MSG, Madison Square Garden, where legends are made. It will be the proving ground for one of the top goal scorers in all the world.

I have the Caps advancing to the Cup in my bracket. Let’s say my bracket as of right now has only one flaw and that came at the hands of the Minnesota Wild. But nonetheless good ole Jackie Boy is near perfect.

Thursday will be an interesting day in the NHL, two series can be decided, while one is still up for grabs. Alex will have to wait till Friday, but be ready hockey faithful, he looks poised for that Conference final.


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