5 Years? Well That Stunk

Embed from Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquio waited 5 long years to give us a super-fight, a super-fight that well STUNK. Yeah there I said it, honestly what happened to the prominence of boxing?

Big fights like this used to be a staple all across America. Names like Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis were names I knew growing up because they were the baddest men on the planet. But now boxing has becoming almost as boring as well watching paint dry.

Usually a big fight like this will have some sort of animosity, this fight didn’t have that. Fights like Tyson-Lewis and Holmes-Berbick had the pre-fight tension and hatred. Floyd and Manny however, looked nothing like this. Floyd looked uninterested and Manny looked like he was there for a good time.

Floyd won, is anyone surprised?

It would of been more surprising if he knocked Manny out, but Floyd probably let him stick around just to give the viewers something to watch.

The only intriguing part of the fight was that Bieber and the Burger King were in Mayweather’s entourage. Yeah you’re reading that right, Bieber and BK, what a time to be alive.

Floyd says he will give him a rematch, and says it’ll be after Manny’s surgery. Sometime sequels are better than the original, lets hope to god this is the truth when it comes to this fight.


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