From Champ to Convict

Jon “Bones” Jones is no longer your UFC Light Heavyweight champion.

At the age of 27, Jones became the youngest champion in UFC history. But now, Jones will await trial in connection to a hit-and-run incident in New Mexico. A fall from grace from one of the greatest stars in the UFC.

On Tuesday, Jones was stripped of his title and suspended indefinitely from the company. A major black mark on the company that comes just months before his defense against Anthony Johnson. But now with Jones out, Daniel Cormier will be in his place.

Jones fall from grace began back in 2012 when he was arrested for the suspicion of driving under the influence. This continued after he tested positive for cocaine use after his fight with Cormier.

His career now is put into question because of possible jail time he faces. If he does in face go to prison this could be one of the worst falls from grace in MMA history.

This also leaves the LHW division wide-open. Beside Johnson and Cormier, you have Alexander Gustafsson, Rashad Evans and Ryan Bader. These guys will need to perfrom big time to help the intergrity of the division come back into fruition.

Until more is released, Jones will remain suspended. The career of the arguable greatest fighter of all time may cease to exist in just a matter of months. Its really a shame.


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