Stanley Cup Playoffs bout to Heat Up

The first round of the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs are about to be in the books with tonights Game 7 featuring, the Detroit Red Wings at the Tampa Bay Lightning. You’re not even granted a day to recover before it’s right back to work with the Caps Rangers series starting tomorrow night and right after that game is the Flames Ducks game 1.

Hockey, hockey, and more hockey. Caps Rangers is your classic playoff hockey series. Low-scoring, heavy hitting, good goaltending, and great style. (see below)

Flames Ducks is what I’m really looking forward to. In past years I would be taking the Ducks because every year they look like one of the strongest team in the field. Not this year, though. Flames have that “X-factor”. By far the most fun team to watch in the playoffs. They’re playing extremely well, and getting the bounces. The bounces are key. And they have Johnny Hockey.

Then we got Chicago v. Minnesota. Re-match of last year, on the same stage (Western Conference Semi-Finals). This is the Wild’s third crack at the Hawks in three years, and I think this is their best shot to finally beat them. Chicago has had to battle some goalie issues and Minnesota, well, hasn’t and that’s the first time in a few years you can say that. This is a much more experienced Wild roster and one that has the tools to disassemble this Chicago monster. Always gotta watch out for this man though.

He literally can change the game with a flick of the wrist.







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