Rajon being Rajon

Rondo Carlisle

(Image Courtesy of Getty Images)

Well it’s official: the Celtics won the Rondo trade. For years while he was on the Celtics Rondo was always looked at as a young kid who was going to step up and be the leader when KG, Pierce, and Ray were done, but never ended up truly getting his spot .Well Ray left for Miami first, then Pierce and Garnett were traded to Brooklyn so now it was officially Rajon leading the Green. Then there was injury after injury, a lack of a supporting cast, any excuse there could be made for Rajon, there was. Not saying Rondo isn’t a good player, because you can’t say that. What I am saying is I believe his demeanor and attitude is much more of an issue than it seems.

Rondo won a title his rookie year, where undoubtedly even Rajon Rondo knew to follow the leaders of his team in the Big Three. A pass-first guard placed with perhaps the greatest shooters ever, one of the best post-men in the game at that point, and let’s just toss in future HOF’er Pierce in that lineup, it’s hard not to succeed. That was before Rondo got a few years under his belt, made a few plays and developed his own personality. This was the beginning of a string of issues that led to the total resurrection of Boston. Concerns first started when Rondo and Allen started beefing in the locker room, it clearly put a strain on the team as a whole. Those issues were somewhat overlooked because it was clear Allen had checked out at that point, eventually losing his starting spot to the young Avery Bradley. When the big three was officially broken up it was his team and there were definitely high and lows of him leading this team which lead to him being dealt to the Mav’s.

Rondo being moved to Dallas looked like it could be a defining moment in his career. He seemed to be Dallas’ missing piece, with an aging Dirk (who still produces), and young scoring with Parsons and Monta, a defensive wizard down low in Tyson Chandler, and put Amar’e in the mix as well. On paper, that team is deadly.

Rondo should have smartened up. He should be helping this team fight for a title, but as of this afternoon it seems that Rondo has played his last game in Dallas, at least according to head coach Rick Carlisle. After Game 2 versus Houston, Rondo was benched after 40-seconds in the second half after getting a total unwarranted 8-second violation and committing two ridiculous fouls against James Harden also resulting in a technical. This wasn’t Rondo’s first problem in a Mav’s uniform: there have been multiple verbal altercations with Carlisle. This leads us to the question, is Rajon Rondo officially a “problem player”?

I think he is a problem. It’s clear he wants to be “the man” wherever he goes. If he sticks with this mentality he is never going to succeed. The way he plays requires other pieces to produce offensively, the guy isn’t one to go out there and can give you 25+ PPG.  There are many rumors of him signing with teams like New York or the Lakers, the thought is if you pair him with another big name that one-two punch is deadly. But in New York you have Melo and in LA you got Kobe, both who have both proven they can’t work with other big names with big personalities.

Where does that leave Rondo? I don’t have the answer. Personally, I don’t think he cares, he knows he’s getting paid this off-season, the NBA has no qualms over signing big names and expecting immediate results. So he’ll go to the highest bidder and if history has any bearing on the future, we will be hearing of Rondo causing locker room issues for the remainder of his career just like many of the other NBA superstars who think it’s all about them.

I’ll always love Rondo for what he did in Boston, he was an vital part of that 07 team and truly was an electrifying player throughout his career here. Having said that I have accepted Rondo for what he is, and that’s why I have a hard time seeing him helping an LA or NY or teams like that to any championship success, but I have been surprised before.


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