Playoff Time Hasn’t Disappointed 

Oh Lord Stanley, you have brought us another batch of your fun!

This years NHL Playoffs have been anything short of awesome. Habs and Ducks fighting tooth and nail for a 3-0 lead, and everyone else up 2-1. Pandemonium all around the league. 

Biggest surprise thus far has to be Minnesota. Don’t tell the Wild they’re supposed to be a wild card team. Minnesota has dominated 2 of the 3 games, and could easily be up 3-0. Hitchcock has to be thinking what the hell happened to the Blues right now. They’re in trouble, the Wild did something like this around this time last year.

Best series so far? I say it’s a toss up between the Rangers-Penguins and Blackhawks-Predators. Every game in each series has been an out right war. Joining the Chicago bandwagon was the best decision I ever made. Chelsea Dagger is an awesome song.

The other series are proving to be ones to watch out for. I picked the Caps to make a run and it’s looking uncertain about now. Ovi will have to be a factor in the next few tilts for them to be alive. 

The glory will last forever, let’s see how they play out. 


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