Sox in First, I repeat the Sox are in First

Red Sox in first place? You heard that right! After splitting the weekend series with the birds, the Boston Red Sox are atop the American League East with a record of 8-5. Should we be worried about being ranked 27th out of 30th in team era at 4.73 though?

 In my opinion, I do not think we should be worried about these numbers. The season is still young, only being 13 games in so the high earned run average should not be worrisome. Especially since the offense is averaging 5.25 runs per game which is tied for 5th in the majors. If the offense keeps producing at this rate, I believe we will see the Sox competing in all their games this season.

So we shouldn’t be worried at all? At the moment the only thing I am worried about is our old friend Clay and our new pal Wade. Buchholz’s ERA right now is 6.06 in only 16.1 innings. These numbers need to be much better for the so called “ace” of the staff. Then with there’s Wade Miley at 10.57 in only 7.2 innings. This is kind of scary considering he has already started two games.

                You may also look at Rick Porcello’s numbers too (6.63) but like I said it’s early. His stuff has looked good in his three games besides the home runs (5). However, I think he will cut down on that and will be the pitcher we paid for.

                All in all, the Red Sox will be perfectly fine. Is worst to first to worst to first a possibility? At this point in time, it is way too early to tell. However, from what I have seen the Bo-Sox will be a team in contention all season long.



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