Bruins Already Looking Forward

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Paille, Campbell and now Peter Chiarelli are names that will not be associated with the Boston Bruins next season. In other words the sky is blue and grass is green.

Anyone not surprised by this is well an absolute dingus, the writing was on the wall for Chiarelli dating back to pre-trade deadline. We were told moves were going to be made, but what did we get? Two fourth liners and a couple of rolls of tape. Gross.

I am sad to say Greg Campbell on his way out. Campbell is a staple to that fourth line unit, and I think he would have fit well with Connolly and Talbot.

Dan Paille, don’t let the door hit you in the behind my friend. I say this out of love. If you scored on a few of your breakaways, we may be talking about a series with the Blue Shirts right now. But you didn’t, smell you later pal.

Do I think good ole Seabass (Cam Neely) is done? No I don’t. Claude’s head is on the block right now, love the guy but Neely is unpredictable.

Three names to keep an eye on for a potential shipment out of Boston are Adam McQuaid, Carl Soderberg and Dennis Seidenberg. Three guys who have been worth nothing in the last few months of the season. They were worth something the last time Tully wrote something, yeah its been a long time since that has happened.

We got a few weeks before the 14th pick is revealed. We also will await the name of the new GM. Claude’s future also waits in the the wings. Oh yeah and the other teams are in the playoffs, so until we hear otherwise, it should be an exciting offseason.

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