Beyond The Game: Matt Harvey

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He is known as The Dark Knight to some, but to the masses hes known as Matt Harvey.

If you don’t know who he is, here is a quick rundown. Harvey grew-up a die-hard Yankees fan, and dreamed big to play im the majors. Originally drafted by the Angels in the third round, Harvey held out and decided to take his talents to Chapel Hill to play for UNC. He would then be drafted 3 years later at the 7th pick in the 2010 draft by the Mets. He is no slouch.

Harvey has gained remarks from the highest to ever play the game. 2013 was supposed to be the year of Harvey, but due to Tommy John surgery, Harvey would be sidelined for over a year. This just weeks after starting the All-Star game at the Mets home of Citi Field.

Forced to miss the entire 2014 season, doubt about Harvey began to grow more and more. The guy had only won 12 games going into this season, and people are talking about him winning a Cy Young. Well the doubters could be proven wrong after this season.

Harvey, like Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises, rose with a vengeance. The 26 year-old returned to the mound on Opening Day in Washington. Harvey looked like he never missed a beat. Striking out 9 over 6 innings, and not allowing a single run. Bryce Harper was quoted in saying, “”He’s going to be a Cy Young one day and everybody knows that. He’s one of the toughest at-bats I’ve ever had.”

Harvey has stats that mirror his 2013 campaign, a higher ERA but other stats better than those of that season. Has The Dark Knight of baseball officially rose? I’m not going to give you a definite answer, but do not be surprised to see Harvey as the front runner for the NL Cy Young. He could be the spark the Mets need to become relevant again. We know that hasn’t been said in a while, but Harvey could be the ace that brings them back to prominence.


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