Red Wings will clinch 24th straight playoff appearance tonight if…

Detroit has been in the postseason every season since I’ve been alive then add 3. Maybe they’ll win the big one this year


Four scenarios exist where the Detroit Red Wings would clinch their 24th straight playoff appearance tonight:

1. If they beat the Canadiens in any fashion in Montreal.
2. If they get one point against the Habs and the Senators lose in any fashion to the depleted Rangers.
3. If they get one point against the Habs and the Bruins lose in regulation at Florida.
4. If the Senators lose in regulation.

Overall, it’s extremely unlikely that the Wings will fail to qualify. Even if they lose both of their remaining games in regulation (they finish the season Saturday in Carolina), it’s estimated they’d have an 83.0 percent chance of extending their streak.

“The bottom line for us is we’re in control of our situation,” said coach Mike Babcock, per the Associated Press.

That’s the good news. The bad news is the Wings haven’t been very successful the last couple of months. In fact, since Feb…

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