Wrestlemania Cashes In


One word describes last nights events, WOW.

The 7 man ladder match for the Intercontinental title. The clear favorite was Daniel Bryan. And ultimately Bryan would bash Dolph Zigglers head off the ladder to grab the belt. Overall a pretty good match.

Randy Orton and Seth Rollins stole the show and it was only the second match of the night. Orton passed the torch as the top bad guy in the company to Rollins. We saw these two in a methodical based match ending in the greatest RKO of all time. Yes, it was an RKO out of nowhere.

WCW vs WWE would end last night as well. Triple H and Sting gave us a match that took 14 years to make. Two entrances that were just ok, lead to a match between two titans of the industry. Interferences from DX, the NWO and Shawn Michaels saved this one. The Game finished off the scorpion and finally put WCW to rest.

The divas actually put on an entertaining match. The Bellas, AJ and Paige not only looked good(all smokeshows) but gave us a pretty good match. AJ made Nikki Bella tap in the end, but leaves us wondering when Nikki will defend that belt of hers.

Cena and Rusev was basically the WWE’s version of Rocky 4. Rusev as Drago and Cena as Rocky. In a match that I was thinking was going to stink, actually was awesome. Cena being “Super Cena” prevailed in the end. But it leaves us wondering where the relationship of Rusev and Lana goes from here?

Undertaker and Bray Wyatt in the battle of the faces of fear in my opinion delivered. Undertaker countered the Wyatt “Spider Walk” with his classic “Sit Up and Rise From the Dead”. Truthfully I was a little disappointed that it was still light out when the match happened. And that it ended so cleanly, but with the Undertaker not being so young, made it ok in the end.

The main event was as Jim Ross would define it, “A Slobber Knocker”. Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar delivered a main event with a memorable ending. Reigns booed by most, smiled when beaten by Lesnar. But a turn of events late in the match would change the course of WWE history.

When we thought Reigns was bound to win, the music of Seth Rollins hit. The Architect of destruction hit the ring and cashed in his Money In The Bank brief case. Hitting Brock Lesnar with a Curb Stomp, then nearly being F5’d. Reigns speared Lesnar only to be hit with a curb stomp. Rollins covers Reigns, and wins the match. Stealing the show, Seth Rollins is your new WWE Champion. One of the best finishes in Wrestlemania history.

My Grade: A, Rollins cashing in made the event even more special. As well as the promo between Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, The Rock and Ronda Rousey. I would not mess with Rousey if I were anyone. She is one bad, bad woman.


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