Chip Kelly:Moron or Genius 

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Chip Kelly is making waves upon waves this offseason. Let’s just say the moves have been nothing short of shocking. It’s Chip’s vision, we just have to wait and see.

Trent Cole, Shady, Maclin and D-Jax are now all former Eagles. 4 names that were at one point thought as career Birds. Chip does what Chip wants. And well if it’s trade two and let one walk then he will do it. Lets say I’m doing more than scratching my head at these decisions.

Signings galore though in free agency. They also have made a trade or two to help them out over time. So far this off-season has seen the landings of Byron Maxwell and Frank Gore. And there’s no sign, hopefully, of them stopping.

The McCoy trade had me spiking my phone and nearly breaking my laptop over my leg. Now I see the silver lining, that we freed up a ton of cap space. Frank Gore though? The man is 32 is is most likely past his prime. Maybe Chip has Gurley, Gordon or Yeldon in mind to create a new trio.

Only problem I have is the surplus of former Oregon guys. Bias or not, not sure that the Eagles need 9 former Ducks. Yeah they played in his system before, but that was college this is the pros.

The draft is coming up. Marcus Mariota is a hot commodity, Chip is probably licking his chops at the idea of him being the franchise guy. Nick Foles is no slouch either. I’m anticipating something big from the Birds at this point. I pray to god, Chip doesn’t do something stupid and that could cost us come opening day.

Look the season is months away. Yeah things happen, could see more departures and signings in the words of Gruden, “That Chip Kelly man, I love what he’s doing in Philly, it’s wild man.” Well Jon let’s hope it pays off.


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