Bruins Finally Land a Few 

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For a few months now, Bruins fans all around have been begging GM Peter Chiarelli to make a trade. Going into the final weekend, we were set to believe that nothing was going to happen. But in typical Bruins fashion, we ended up landing a few bodies.

The first name was Brett Connolly. A 22 year-old and former top ten selection by Tampa Bay. Solid move by Chiarelli if you ask me. This guy could be a top 6 forward in the near future. Wearing the merlot sweater today and #14, this guy will most likely be a fourth line grinder for now.

The next move came just before the deadline. The B’s finally, FINALLY dealt Jordan Caron. I think all Bruins fans rejoiced when they saw Caron was on his way out of Boston. In return, the Bruins landed Maxime Talbot. Talbot, a strong locker room guy, plays his best hockey during the spring time. With the B’s battling for the postseason, I honestly loved this move.

Talbot and Connolly are two guys who give the B’s some depth as well. With Krecji out for this extended time, you could possibly see one slid in on line 3 or 4. Connolly excites the hell out of me. kid is unproven and could become a superstar soon.

Defense was left out at the deadline. Kind of upsetting, with how bad the back end has been at times this year, Petey must have thought he was ok for now. Hopefully Morrow or Trotman come back up soon, McQuaid is just plain bad, sorry not sorry.

Petey Chiarelli has his head on the chopping block right now. These two moves could make or break him. Lets hope he knew what he was doing, if not see you later pal.


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