March Madness: Coming Soon

Dukes freshman star Jahlil Okafor

Friends and colleagues, we are just days away from the best month of the college basketball season. Whats that month you may ask? Well if you live under a rock and don’t know the answer is March. The most exciting month in all of sports, and theres no question that there will be some fireworks throughout it.

The early favorite heading into the big dance is obviously the John Calipari led Kentucky Wildcats. On the year, the Cats have yet to lose a game, a loss may not happen at all. They look powerful, quick and poised to win a championship. One that slipped out of their hands last year. Be ready for a Wildcat number 1 overall seed.

Another team that I think that could really make some noise, is the Arizona Wildcats. These Wildcats, like Kentucky made a deep run last year but were foiled at the hands Wisconsin Badgers. ‘Zona’s Stanley Johnson, a freshman superstar, is the spark that the Wildcats will need to make another deep run.

One other team that I think could make a deep run is Duke. Coach K, as of late has been known for an early exit in the tourney. This year could be the end of all that. Jahlil Okafor is a force down in the paint and is potentially the number 1 overall pick in next years draft. Tyus Jones, Justise Winslow and Quinn Cooke are a trio that complements Okafor really well. Don’t count out the Cameron Crazies if they matchup with Kentucky.

Now this is just a quick preview. I think they’re a few others that have a lot to say about themselves come selection Sunday. My biggest question is who will be the four 1’s? Kentucky is a lock, but the next 3 are still up for grabs. Its going to be a race to the finish folks, but what else could you ask for.

When the games come out and the seedings, I will have a full on preview. Lots of basketball still to play. In the words of Dick Vitale, “Awesome baby!”


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