Panic Button Pushed

Yeah, we all thought the Bruins would follow up an outstanding January, with a terrific February. Losing 4 of 5 to start off? Panic button has been punched.

The B’s, to put it nicely, are an atrocity. With their lone win coming against the Islanders, the Bruins have been outright awful in their other games. Losing 4 games to teams that they can beat.

Last night was just plain ugly. U-G-L-Y, the Bruins ain’t got no alibi. The game against the Canucks was one that we all didn’t want to see. From line 1 to line 4, the Bruins looked like a bad youth hockey team.

Go back to the Dallas game before the road trip began. 2 shorthanded goals given up, to a team that’s got one good line. Just not what we need to see in the month of February.

Only a few select guys deserve to stay with the team. Even ones with the C and A’s could be dealt for a bag of pucks at this point. I’m just getting angry trying to formulate the sentences for this post.

Yeah like I said I’m jamming that panic button as hard as I can right now. With games against Calgary, Edmonton, Chicago and St. Louis for the rest of the trip, I’m not confident we can win. With the guys we have, I think we are lucky to win 2 or even 1 at this point.

I never give up on the B’s. I bleed Black and gold. But right now I’m shaking my head and thinking, where’s the effort. They just don’t look like they care. Frustrations at its high right now, hopefully they can pull something off.


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