Tiger’s Time Of Need


Tiger just being Tiger, photo from myrtlebeachgolfholiday.com

We know him as Tiger. But for Eldrick Woods, glory hasn’t been visible for a few years now. Tiger Woods was once said to break the great Jack Nicklaus’s record of major tournament victories, which sits at 18. But after last year, and a sub-par start to this one, is Tiger Woods “done”?

Tiger’s 2014 was nothing to be proud of. Woods in the four Majors placed no better than 69th. While he didn’t play in The Masters or the U.S. Open, Tiger may have not fared well in either one of these tournaments. What hurts to look at for his 2014, was that he missed the cut at the PGA Championship that was played at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky.

The infidelity scandal in 2009 also brings in the idea that Tiger still hasn’t bounced back from this controversy. Tiger going into 2009 had won multiple major championships, but since the scandal, Tiger has placed in the top 5 in a lot of these tournaments.

Watching Tiger golf just doesn’t seem to bring excitement anymore as well. The fire and intensity that Tiger brought to the course was something that was almost unimaginable. Now with all the injuries and the repercussions of the scandal, we aren’t seen the Tiger that was so dominant in the past.

Injuries have also plagued Woods over the past 6 to 7 years. His back, neck and leg injuries have been almost instrumental in his play. You could see him in visible pain in the tournaments that he played in for much of 2014. If these injuries keep up, the downfall of Tiger is imminent.

Tiger has fallen to 62nd in the World Golf Rankings, the worst ranking he has ever held. If he is to miss the cut at The Master, the once 1st overall could fall out of the top 100. It’s just a sad thing to think about because Woods was the face of the sports for so many years.

I hate to say that Tiger Woods is over the hill and he’s not good anymore because I just can’t say it. Woods must perform well in The Masters to solidify himself as the key figure in golf. But with many already counting him out and saying he has no chance at Augusta, how can you not say he’s done. But with The Masters only 2 months away and Tiger not getting any healthier, its hard to think that he will be good enough to win it. Let’s just hope he can go out and perform, if not then the downfall will continue.

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