Going Fo(u)r The Thumb

brady amendola

It has been a few weeks since the Super Bowl and everybody is starting to forget about football. Belichick has been on Letterman, Gronk was on Conan, and Edelman was with Seth Myers on Late Night. The parade was just as rowdy as we expected and it seems we are all moving on from this season. People might start talking about Baseball starting in a couple months or the push for the playoffs in the NHL, NBA, or whatever NCAA sport you’re into. Not me. I am still 100% in football mode so we are going to talk about what The Patriots need to do to bring home that 5th ring.

Offensive Line:

It is nothing new, the Patriots line was seemed to be the weak spot for the team. In all of their  losses the Offensive Line was a big reason they had trouble. I think the biggest question mark when it comes to the line is the anchor and starting Left Tackle, Nate Solder. A lot of people are probably thinking: Solder? What about the rookie center Stork? Yeah. He had some issues during the season but what do you expect? A rookie coming in to learn the Belichick system as a starter, there was no time for him to develop. Back to Solder, their were many times you could see hi being beaten off the ball or just being out muscled leading to pressure on Brady. This guys has been around for 4 years now and he is the anchor of your line and he is getting pushed around. Terrible. While he did shape up in the postseason you need to limit the hits on Brady because he is just going to be one year older next year. I don’t want to say the patriots should replace Solder or cut him or anything, but something needs to happen, your left tackle cannot be a question mark. Also, Stork played fantastic in the postseason and the fact that he was only a rookie makes me say they should definitely stick with him. There was a point I was very worried about who we should play at Center but for now we should leave Stork.

Wide Receiver/Tight End

Okay Tight End there is nothing they really need to do unless they find a new Hernandez talented TE they could get for a steal. Of course I am not going to pick apart the Wide Receiver squad either, between Edelman and Amendola and a sprinkling of Lafell in addition to Gronk theres plenty of targets for Brady to throw too. Having said that, I definitely do not think it would be bad if they got a Randy Moss-esque receiver who does exactly what Moss said his job was which was to “take the ball deep, take the top off the defense.” You can make the argument Lafell did this but it was not his main weapon, whereas that was Moss’ main goal.


Lock Revis up. He was the man this year. It is apparent that when the Patriots have big name players in the secondary it brings up the play of the other members of the secondary. We noticed this when we originally brought Talib in.  Personally, I am not worried about Revis coming back, I think he is at the point in his career he wants to win rather than just being the superstar of a team, but with these guys and the sometimes frugal New England front office you never know. Also they definitely need to either put the franchise tag on Devin McCourty or get him an extension.

While there were not many poor spots on this Patriots team, there is always room to improve. If they are able to keep this team together I think Brady definitely has enough in the tank for #5.


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