Pats Are Champs


Well, that escalated quickly.

And just like that the New England Patriots are Super Bowl champions. Solidifying TB12 as GOAT and the dominance of the flying Elvis.

True Patriot fashion too, a comeback like no other. Down 10, and they come out victorious, are we surprised? Nope. Why? Tom freaking Brady.

Brady, even though he had thrown 2 picks, led the Pats on a drive to take a 4 point lead. Brady played like Brady does in the big one. Yep I’ll say it he is the greatest to play on the gridiron.

But Tom didn’t intercept it at the end. It was Malcolm Butler, the rookie Malcolm Butler out of West Alabama. Who the hell goes to West Alabama? I’ll tell you who? Malcolm Butler.

Unreal game though. The Seahawks fought back and didn’t give up. Pete Carroll blew it. Plain and simple, New England couldn’t stop Marshawn Lynch, but Petey decides to throw. Absolute bonehead move by him, tisk tisk Pete. In the words of the coach from Happy Gilmore, “Better luck next year.”

Have to say one of the best games I’ve ever watched without my beloved Eagles. If you know me I don’t like either team, found myself rooting for Brady and Bill. Congrats to that duo, and congrats to all Pats fans, live it up, it may not happen again.

Just think the draft is right around the corner. God I love football. And shout out to the #BestBuds, another miraculous job, thank you Budweiser. Now we wait for football again and boy I can’t wait.


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