‘Twas The Night Before Super Bowl XLIX

It’s the worst day of the year. Super Bowl eve has dawned upon us once again, for the 49th time. It’s the day after everyone has made their picks and given their two cents about the game.  There’s virtually nothing new to talk about because the players get the day off from practice and no one is available for the media.

It’s fun to think about what the players are doing right now,  and what’s going through their minds. I thought this day would be really stressful for me, a crazed Boston sports fan searching for the 10th ring of my life time (I sound like I’ve been on the Pats, Sox, Celtics and Bruins since 2000, because I kind of have). But I’m surprisingly calm.

For 2 weeks now I have been stuffing my brain with media coverage in Glendale and reading just about every little article there is pertaining to the game this Sunday. What have I taken from all of this?

Tom’s gonna get his 4th.

Plain and simple there has never been a game he’s wanted to win more than this one. As much as he’s probably trying to block all of the crap out, he still hears it. It’s Tom against the world on Sunday. He loves that feeling.

I’m talking about the guy that went 20-5 as a starting QB at Michigan and almost lost the job there to Drew Henson, then he casually went on the win the Orange Bowl his senior year. The guy, who after all of that, was the 7th QB drafted in 2000, at pick 199. The guy who has won 3 Super Bowls, been to 5 (and 6 on Sunday), 2 MVP’s, an undefeated regular season, but still isn’t considered by some as the greatest quarterback of all time. Now he’s being called a cheater and a liar.

This is why he still plays with that chip on his shoulder. He’s still trying to prove people wrong.

Tomorrow night around 11:30pm, you’re gonna see the greatest quarterback off all time get his 4th ring and finally put all of the doubters to rest.

This game has all the makings to be “one for the books”. But if Tom plays like Tom, it won’t be all that close. Enjoy this one folks.


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