Is Kobe Done?

Kobe 8Earlier this week we heard that Kobe Bryant has a torn rotator cuff. When the news broke, many questions arose. Could he play through it? What about the All-Star game? If he sits out the rest of the year is he going to retire? Well, now we can answer one of those questions. Kobe Bryant will not be playing through this injury, at least for this season. Now that begs the question, Is Mamba’s career over? One of the most decorated careers in the history of the NBA, with 5 NBA Championships, 17 All-star selections, and a few scoring titles along the way, it has been an honor to watch Kobe suit up. Sadly, since 2013 his career has been in limbo; having three injury plagued seasons in a row.

At 36 years old, there isn’t much time for Kobe to compete for his 6th ring. And to that affect, this Lakers team is pitiful. Whether or not #24 is in the lineup, this team cannot win. In my opinion he should just hang it up. He is too old and beat up to lead a team the way he used to. And now his entire support system from when he was successful is gone. It is strictly Kobe and Nick “Swaggy P” Young who can win games for this team. And Swaggy P is the definition of inconsistency, you never know what you will get from him on any night. If I was Kobe i would call it quits and enjoy his retirement. I understand how competitive he is and wants to get all he can possibly get from basketball, but sometimes you need to know when to throw in the towel.

I am not saying Kobe cannot come back and play at a very high level. I am just saying with three straight years battling tough injuries and nothing to look forward to when coming back, what is the point? It is a weird thought, Kobe Bryant retiring. I grew up watching basketball and he was always a superstar. From the early years being an electrifying scorer, battling an aging Jordan with the ‘fro wearing number eight. To the aging villain with a shaved head wearing number 24 taking down my beloved Celtics in 2009, Kobe has always been at the top of his game which is what separates him. Sadly, I think this torn rotator cuff should be his cue to step down while he is still regarded as a great player. He is not the type of player I would like to see go out in a Brett Favre-esque manner.

Even though I have to hate Kobe simply because he’s a member of the Lakers, I have to put him in my top-5 players of all time list. In no order for me it goes: Jordan, Kobe, Larry Bird, Magic, and Kareem (Too many Lakers, sorry Celtics’ fans you’ll just have to accept it like I did)


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