Jameis or Marcus? Whose #1?

photo from espn. The two top prospects.

Alright the seasons over, And for those Mel Kipers out there, the draft is only a few months away. It’s pretty obvious Tampa Bay needs a QB, sorry Mike Glennon but it’s time for a new guy.

Tampa has the choice between two guys who in the words of T-Pain, “All I Do is Win”, so I think the choice is QB for Tampa. Those guys are Marcus Marriota and Jameis Winston. Question is whose the better choice and will get them to a winning season.

Winston lost only one game in his two seasons at FSU, that’s a Madden like accomplishment. He played in a good system down in Tallahassee, and could be the most pro ready guy in the entire draft.

What makes Winston the top guy? Is it his killer instinct as a QB? Or is it his unpredictable style of passing and running? The answer is all the above, Jameis can possibly do it all. He’s a proven winner, Heisman, ACC Champ and National Champ. He can win football games.

Marriota nearly won a National Championship this year, but ran into Cardale “Cadillac” Jones. But beside that blemish in the postseason, Marriota had remarkable numbers. Over 40 combined TDs and only 4 or 5 INTS, the dude is scary good.

There’s a reason why I wrote two parts about Jameis and only one about Marcus. I like Jameis to go to Tampa, and stay in the Sunshine State. Winston, in my opinion, would work much better because he is pro ready. Marriota would work in the Chip Kelly system, but would have a lot of work to do in any other.

Things change, as we all know. What we have seen is that some lineman or linebacker could come out of nowhere. While there are a lot of good QBs in this class, these 2 are the best. Tampa needs help at every position but WR, maybe we see Melvin Gordon in this spot too.

We got a lot of time, so let’s just let it all play out.


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