Bill and Tom running the world.

The New England Patriots defeated the Indianapolis Colts this past Sunday 45-7 in the AFC Championship game.  Routed them. Literally was never even a game. I was watching the game with my buddies and after we went up 7-0 in the first quarter we immediately were “On to Seattle”.

It wasn’t cockiness by bias Patriots fans, it was the fact that the Colts were never going to win that game.

It has now come out that 11 of the Patriots 12 game balls we under-inflated. OH. SHOOT. REPLAY THE GAME. THE PATS CHEATED. BAN BELICHICK FOR LIFE.

No. Everyone is overreacting by about 1000%. Here’s why:

Everyone does it.

Just like spy-gate, everyone did it, only the Patriots got caught. That’s why it was ultimately swept under the rug. Same deal with the under-inflated balls. Aaron Rodgers said in an interview he sometimes over-inflates the balls, something that is also against the rules. No one cares though because the Patriots are the big bad bullies in the NFL. Sorry they’re good every year.

They were only under-inflated for the first half.

Apparently the Colts first complained about this at half-time and the balls were re-inflated to the league standard. Pats scored 28 points in the second half. Colts scored 0.

Colts suck.

Andrew Luck, he’s the real deal. His team? Awful. Another year of draft picks and hitting free agency right the Colts will have a damn good team, but they just did not have the supporting cast around Luck they needed to beat a star-studded Patriots team.

Does everyone forget that Blount had 3 rushing touchdowns? How about the fact that the defense held the Colts to 7 points?

Softer balls had no impact on this game.

The common sports fan doesn’t like greatness. 

Bill & Tom– 9 AFC Championship Games- Won 6

– 13 AFC East Division Titles

– 3 Super Bowl titles

Tom– 20-8 playoff record (better than 21 NFL team records)

– 7017 playoff passing yards (NFL record)

– 49 playoff touchdown passes (NFL record)

Bill– 7 Super Bowl Appearances (Soon to be 8)- Won 5

– 20-9 playoff record

In this day and age where kids grow up as “everyones a winner” and getting a trophy for participation, it makes sense that whenever there is something that allows people to diminish the Patriots legacy, and more importantly Bill and Tom’s legacy, they take it and blow it up.

The Patriots have been NFL’s best organization of this century, so naturally everyone wants them to lose, or when they win say they didn’t do it fairly.

The Patriots got caught doing something silly, fine them and move on. Oh and watch them February 1st in the Super Bowl when they beat the Seattle Seahawks 20-14.


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