Conor McGregor. That Is All

photo from bleacher report. “The Notorious” Conor McGregor in his latest bout.

5-0 in the UFC, Irishman and has been nothing but impressive. Those three things all describe Conor McGregor. In all seriousness, the man is a total whack-job but has beaten the living crap out of everyone he has faced.

King Conor said his fight against Denis Siver wouldn’t last more than 2 minutes. Well it did, but the way McGregor was hitting him it shouldn’t have. With this, no doubt in my mind that the title fight between The Notorious Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo will be an absolute slugfest.

What makes everything crazier is what happened after the fight. McGregor hopped over the cage and confronted Aldo face to face. Aldo had previously called the Irishman “a joke”, but after tonight’s performance, he’s far from it.

Now we play the waiting game, the title fight is months away. Do I make a pick now? Well why not! I’ve been a fan of McGregor ever since I saw his debut against Marcus Brimage. This fight will most likely go the distance, if it doesn’t well that’s the unpredictability of MMA. So I like the Irishman in a decision.

Only time will tell whose ready, but I think we are all ready for The Notorious one and his next opponent.


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