Hey Ref, Put A Lid On It


“Wow what a play by (insert DB name here), oh man you’re kidding there’s another flag”. Am I the only one finding myself saying this multiple times a week now. Worst part is, the officials seemingly have gotten worse since the playoffs began.

First instance of this came in the Detroit-Dallas matchup on Wildcard Weekend. Multiple holding/pass interference calls that could have gone either way called/not called. A non call on WR Dez Bryant who ran 15 yards out onto the field after a thrown flag. Dez is one hell of a player, but no player should be allowed to run out and complain about a call, especially one that’s on the DEFENSE.

Our next instance came in the Green Bay-Dallas game yesterday. I’m no Cowboys fan, I will never be a Dallas fan but the Cowboys were hosed. Dez easily caught that ball on the 1 or 2 yard line with 4 minutes to go. The challenge ensued and the call is reversed. No way should this been overturned.

And now for the games in general, the officials have been way, WAY too inconsistent. The defensive holding calls could be called on every play. These officials are dictating outcomes of every game, and well it’s just not good for the game. Come on Rodger, do your job pal.

With the impending Conference title games, let’s hope for officials who actually know what to do. Clearly some of these guys have no idea. I mean in no way, shape or form am I an official. But hopefully next Sunday we will see guys who don’t make themselves the X-factor of these pivotal games.

Trust me if the Birds in the midnight green were hosed like the Cowboys then this post would be profanity laced. But since they were not, I’m not as angry. Rodger, old buddy, old pal, you may have a lot of work on your hands in the offseason.


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