Welcome to Immortality Pedro

Image take from the Boston Globe. Pedro mid-pitch during the ’99 All Star Game


First ballot Hall of Famers have left an eternal mark on any sport. Baseballs Hall of Fame will welcome not only the greatest Red Sox pitcher of all time but one of the best pitchers of all time. That man being Pedro Martinez.

Pedro, along with other legends Randy Johnson, John Smoltz and Craig Biggio, were elected yesterday afternoon. Pedro, along with Randy Johnson, was elected unanimously by the voters. This guy signifies a legendary career.

Pedro’s career ERA is 2.93 and holds the second highest winning percentage in modern baseball history. Some of the competition couldn’t keep up with Pedro, the guy fanned many a big name, especially some who have been linked to steroids. Pedro simply oozed perfection when he was in his prime. He played for the LA Dodgers, Montreal Expos and most notably the Boston Red Sox in the beginning and middle of his career.

My single favorite moment in his illustrious career comes from the 1999 All Star Game. Pedro struck out 4 out of the first 5 batters, then ended the inning with a strike-out. Yeah that’s 5 out of 6 guys fanned down by this guy. Best part about it too? It was at Fenway Park, so the nerves had to be overwhelming. The names he sat down are legendary. Barry Larkin, Larry Walker, Mark McGwire and Jeff Bagwell.

2004, the best year for any Sox fan. What about Pedro though? He went 16-9, with a high ERA, Pedro still performed to par. If you have never seen the Red Sox 30 for 30 film, well you’re missing out, Pedro teases the entire film about being a free agent. Which ultimatley led to his departure from Boston to the NY Mets. But Pedro finished a champion, winning his Game 3 of the Series at St. Louis. Martinez pitched 7 strong innings in that one.

Pedro’s career went on from  the Sox. He played for the Mets and Phillies after the Sox. He played in a second Series as a Phillie. But the odds weren’t in his favor this time, the Yankees were able to make Pedro call them “Daddy”. But lets not remember the misfortune of this legend but his skill and finesse throughout his career.

Ill say this to conclude, the next Red Sox player to have his number retired should be Pedro. Yes I did just say that, he should be the next guy that number should be in Red Sox immortality. Pedro will go down as the greatest pitcher to ever throw on the BoSox cap. Not only that but as one of the most dominant pitchers to ever throw a baseball.


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