Patriots Will Beat the Ravens.

Here the Patriots are practicing…on their bye week…getting healthy…not getting beat up playing Pittsburgh…momentum my bum.

It’s not even an opinion, it’s a fact.

I don’t get all these people (Patriots haters) saying that the Ravens are going to come into Foxboro Saturday and stomp the Pats. Their reasoning:

They just beat the Steelers on the road.

Yes, they did. They beat an 11-5 Steelers team without their number one running back Le’veon Bell who is responsible for 75% of their offense. Oh they did it on the road against those TERRIBLE Towels, and in a stadium named after something I put on my hotdogs. They got to Ben, I’ll give them that, but Big Ben aint no Tom Terrific.

They have done it before.

Yes, they have. Once was in 09′ (now 6 years ago) and the other in 2012. Those two games both featured some of the Patriots worst defenses ever and Ray Rice, who is very much out of the picture for this upcoming matchup. One guy who is (finally) very much IN the picture is a man named Rob Gronkowski. Super-human Gronk is coming off one of his best, injury free, seasons he’s ever had. I’d like to see a Ray Lewis-less Baltimore team try and stop that man (Hint: they can’t.). Not to mention there’s no Ed Reed in that secondary either.

Joe Flacco is the best QB in the league.

That’s actually a quote from Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, and a funny joke at that. Flacco goes and puts up 30 points on Pittsburgh, not really a ground-breaking amount of points, against a spotty defense. Pitts best d-linemen was James Harrison, a guy who had to be brought our of retirement at the beginning of the season. Harrison and company gave no pass rush and allowed the two Smiths to get open all day long against a secondary led by a 33-year old Troy Polamalu who hasn’t been himself since battling a knee injury all season that has kept him out of four games.

Joe will be seeing a different defense for sure this Saturday. Chandler Jones now back from his injury and got to work his kinks out in the week 17 loss to Buffalo, then getting another week of rest with the bye week to really nurse his hip. He’ll be back full strength Saturday.

I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t think I saw Darrel Revis out there for the Steelers, he’ll likely be covering hot-head Steve Smith so we can take him out of the equation. That means the other Smith (Torrey) gets a date with Brandon Browner and Daniels will have to go up against Collins in most situations. The guy with the next most catches from Saturday is FB Kyle Juszczyk who probably won’t be able to get a good, free release against Wilfork and the Patriots front. Who Kyle Arrington covers is beyond me, but hey Arrington has been a proven 3rd CB all year. Put him on whoever you want, he will shut them down.

So for those of you who are putting the Patriots on “upset-alert”, put the past behind and take a look at THIS YEAR’S matchup. We are in 2015 now, remember? Even Skip (Jack) likes the Pats in this. That’s when you know.

NE 45 Bal 13


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