Preview of the War in the NFC


It all comes down to this, 6 teams with a common goal. That goal? To be the one representing the NFC at the big one, the Super Bowl. Wild card weekend is this Saturday, and soon divisional doomsday then championship Sunday. We got a fun couple weeks on our hands boys and girls.

Arizona travels to Carolina and Detroit heads to Dallas. Two wildcard games that could shape the impending doom for any of the 4 clubs.

Dallas is 4-4 at home, while Detroit hasn’t won a playoff game since 1991. They beat Dallas in 91, so they got that going for them. Dallas and Detroit is an interesting matchup, both have solid receiving cores. Detroit led by Megatron and Dallas by Dez Bryant. Too much fire power for Detroit there. But the X-Factor is DeMarco Murray. He gets going and this game is over, Murray is a beast. I like Dallas by at least 10, Suh being out is huge and Dallas will capitalize, how bout them Cowboys.

Arizona and Carolina brings a matchup of two teams who have a lot to prove. Arizona almost had the veteran and legendary Kurt Warner in this. But it was too little too late to get him. Super Cam has to be super in this one. Bruce Arians coaches a tough defense, Cam must be on top of his game. I’m sticking with Cam in this one. Carolina has been hot as of late, and a playoff victory could keep Ron Rivera around for much longer, even though he stinks. Panthers win by 7.

Seattle and Green Bay wait in the wings, and they are both nearly unstoppable. Carolina would travel to Seattle and Dallas goes to Green Bay. These games will be wars.

Next week, I’ll be all over the NFC divisional games. Same time next week knuckleheads.


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