College Basketball: The Hidden Gem Of America


There are many things that draw millions upon millions of eyes to our television sets. One of the biggest things that brings eyes to TVs is college basketball. Especially when it’s crunch time or during March.

Thinks about it though, where would we be without some of the greats of this form of the game. Names like John Wall, Michael Carter-Williams and Kyrie Irving are some that have sprouted from today’s game.

Coaches too, names that go down as some of the greatest motivators of all time. One that will always come to mind is the great Jim Valvano. “Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up,” a quote that to this very day means so much to lives all around the world.

Some will say, “yeah these kids will be one and done”. But I see that as the beauty of the game. Some will become NBA legends and some will be working at gas stations. Like any sport the unpredictability in college basketball is so special.

The coverage and atmosphere is like no other as well. ESPN does a great job of showing us the life of this game. Many may not like him, but Dick Vitale could be one of the best in the world at what he does today.

When you think of legends, they all started at a school either with a rich history or an up and coming squad. Michael Jordan at UNC, or a name like Damian Lillard out of Weber State. You just never know where a superstar could be bred.

Come March, nearly all of America is falling in love with some team. Whether it be VCU of a few years back led by coach Shaka Smart. Or the Dayton Flyers who made an improbable run last season. We all see an upset and what’s not to love about David slaying Goliath.

Hidden gems are what make things special. College basketball could be the gem that our great country overlooks from time to time. But when the time is right, there is no better game in the world.


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