The Airing of Greivances

festivusFor those who know me closely, you know how important December 23rd is to me every year. If you don’t know me I will catch you up to speed: I am a “Seinfeld” fanatic. If you have any knowledge of the greatest show every to grace a television set you know of the best holiday of the year, Festivus! Festivus is a great time where instead of all that “holiday joy” nonsense, your time is used more wisely by letting the people who let you down day-after-day know about it in a very direct manner. The main event, the “Airing of Grievances” is just a built up rant, and I intend on using it wisely.

Danny Ainge. Former Celtic player, he’s got a few rings with the team, and I personally enjoy when old players come back for teams and work in the front office. They went through the ringer, they know how the system works, and at the same time they used to play so they have a keen eye for talent. In many cases, situations like this work out swimmingly. In my opinion, bringing Danny Ainge in as General Manager for the Boston Celtics was a terrible move in the long run. I can already hear the arguments pro-Ainge “Well what about the ’07 team” “He brought the big three back to Boston.” Let me stop you in your tracks. That move was not as great as one might think. First of all, Kevin Garnett was unhappy in Minnesota, he wasn’t winning, and the organization was not bringing in any talent to support him. Also the General Manager of Minnesota at the time was Ainge’s former teammate and friend Kevin McHale. It would take a lot to convince me there wasn’t some influence there. Dealing 5 players and multiple picks for one aging player who was disgruntled on his current team does not make Danny Ainge a great General Manager. Next, making the move for Allen was a good move and I will credit him for that, but it is not difficult to convince another aging star who had not won a ring to come to a team with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.

After the 2007 season, Ainge has been nothing put horrible in the decisions he has made and the timing that he makes them. Shall I remind you that in 2009 The C’s had the best record in the NBA coming to the trade deadline. Then “Trader Danny” thought it was a bright idea to trade their best low-post defender and starting Center Kendrick Perkins and the electric Nate Robinson to the Thunder for Jeff Green, Nenad Krstic (?????) and a top-10 protected first round pick. So how did that work out? Jeff Green is still on the roster, and is one of the Celtic’s best players at this point (which is not a compliment), Krstic is not playing in the league anymore, and the draft pick did not work out. The Celtic’s who had been dominant up to that point of the season were noticeably softer. They made it to the finals but lost to the Lakers because nobody was skilled enough down low to defend Pau Gasol who was a monster. I put that on Ainge.

Now the most recent event that still blows my mind is the timing of this Rondo deal. Rondo had to go clearly, I am not saying thy should have kept him, he was simply not the person who could save the Celtics. My problem was he was trade bait for over two years and nothing happened when he was worth something. Now he had a bad team so he could not showcase his skills as much, and then an ACL injury and a hand injury definitely did not help his trade stock. Danny Ainge finally bit the bullet and traded him, clearly for the picks because the guys he got were not worth Rondo. That would be great if the picks were actually good, however with Rondo, the Mavericks have a shot to be a very good team. Very good teams don’t get high draft picks. There were so many offers for Rondo whether it was players right now, or draft picks from teams destined to be in the lottery, but Ainge never parted with him, and I think it set back this team a good amount.

I hope you enjoyed my rant, and I hope I am not the only one who feels the same, if the teams wants to succeed it is going to have to start making some serious moves, I do not think you can rely on this draft as heavily as the Celtics are. Either way, I hope everyone has a happy holiday season with your friends and family, and a Happy Festivus to all! I am about to go participate in the feats of strength.


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