Disappointment in Philly

Courtesy of CBS Philly, exactly how I feel with a week to go after what seemed to be a promising season

Well another season filled with the ups and downs for my beloved Eagles. You know that feeling when you get the wind knocked out of you? Yeah, multiply that by 1000 and that’s how an Eagles fan feels right now.

Can’t blame Chip. You just can’t, not his fault Sanchez couldn’t complete a pass late in Washington. Foles getting hurt basically signed and sealed our fate. Sanchez showed signs of capability with his first start and his win over Dallas, but in his performances against Green Bay, Seattle and the Dallas rematch, he showed he really still does stink.

Lets face it, Shady didn’t get it going until about week 8 or 9. That’s not the Shady that was previously the “World Heavyweight Champion” of rushing that we saw last year. Next season, Shady will need to be the top back, enough of Chris Polk, love him on returns, hate him on short yardage. Sproles out of the backfield is alright, but no more three RB system, its just not working.

A bright spot was in the receiving core, and lets say Jeremy Maclin should be getting paid his off season. Maclin and the rookie Jordan Matthews proved to be a solid duo, and now with hopefully in a Riley Cooper resurgence, we could see a trio of top receivers next season. Throw Zach Ertz and Brent Celek in there, they were there when we needed them, just need them to be more consistent.

Both the Offensive and defensive lines held their own this year. I pray we see an improvement on the D-line, I’m done with Bennie Logan. The dude is a good player but is so inconsistent that I think I could play a better game than him. Fletcher Cox had himself a season, and hopefully we can find someone in the draft or get Vinny Curry into an every down player.

Linebackers also weren’t that bad. If they could stay healthy, then Kendicks and Ryans are possibly a top tandem in the league. Even Casey Matthews, who really impressed me late this season. Need to go out and find another gem in the off-season, but it’ll be tough to come by. I am also glad I can say Barwinning, Connor Barwin had himself a solid season as well, love to see what he has to offer next year.

The secondary was, in my opinion, the thing that killed the season. Two guys in particular were down right awful, Bradley Fletcher and Nolan Carroll. These two could possibly be the worst two CB of all time, I swear I could play a better game than these two jabronis. Need Brandon Boykin in the spot of Fletcher, I would feel more safe with Chris or Chich in the spot of Fletcher, he is that brutal. I get mad thinking about just how brutal of a player he is.

We got next week against the Giants, but the season was over in my opinion after losing to Dallas. They started off hot and finished ice cold. 10-6 or 9-7, is not a bad record when you think of all the injuries, but the wasted chances makes it just look sour in my eyes. Chip and the squad have a lot of work coming their way, but until then you have to look at this season as a big “what the hell happened”.

But I still, even through the pain and hardship, will say FLY EAGLES FLY



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