Did the Pats Win? They Did? Cool.

Gronk spike.

Well, it’s that time of year again. The Patriots just can’t help but win. Yesterday I had the worst case of, “I know they’re gonna win this game. I’m not worried.” syndrome. I seriously just did not have one bit of doubt in my mind that we were gonna win that game. Here’s why:

We get a stop when we need one. Four times yesterday afternoon the Jets had us backed up in the redzone when it looked as though we we’re about to give up 7 but instead, we held them to just a field goal, and blocked one of those tries. That’s not a championship defense but for right now, it works. It’s called bend-but-not-break. We haven’t broke yet.

Tom is leading the league in QB rushing. He’s not, but another 11 yard pick up yesterday? Looks like he could beat out Mariota and run Oregon’s offense with the way he’s been taking off lately. But seriously besides for the 5 sacks yesterday, that I completely put on the offensive line (and Gronk and Vereen once), Brady has looked better in avoiding pressure and finding ways to extend plays.

Geno Smith would be a great quarterback for an A-Level Pop Warner team. 17 completions on 27 attempts for 210 yards with a touchdown and an interception isn’t his worst day, but it will never beat the Patriots. He simply isn’t the guy that will put fear in opposing defenses when he has the ball with 4 minutes left down by 1. Not with Revis on the other side.

This was Rex Ryan’s biggest game of his career. Not really a good reason but you could tell that this was his Super Bowl. Been eliminated from playoff contention since week 2 and probably won’t be back in New York next year. The dude wanted this game more than anything. I feel for him a little but Bill sees that and chuckles and then steps on his throat by letting him lose by 1 point.

No doubt the Patriots have the best special teams in the league. Wilfork blocked another field goal which was like the 100th time we’ve done that this year. We’ve been blocking punts too. Returning them, Edlemen and Amendola. And if Matthew Slater is on the field you’re not getting any better than a 1-yard return. He’s the best player in the NFL based off of plays made per plays played…if you can grasp what I’m trying to say there.

Jamie Collins is the real deal. He’s big, he’s fast, and he can catch the ball. Lock that man in for a 10-year deal tomorrow. The perfect hybrid of a run-stopper and someone that can cover on passing downs. Also love how he flipped it back to Browner after he picked it off to try to get a better return out of it. Probably made Bill go nuts, love it.

All that is great but I can’t ignore the fact that we did only beat the Jets 17-16. Brady again didn’t have an awesome game but a lot of it wasn’t his fault. With Connolly, Blount, and Edlemen back in his offense I think we get back to putting up 40 points on a regular basis. But without them and the way our defense/special teams are playing, we’re okay for now.


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