The Bruins Rumor Mill Is Spinning


Making a key trade is what separates the men from the boys. You make that big time trade, then your season turns around. You screw that up, your team has a one way ticket to Loserville, USA. So, the ball is in your court Mr. Peter Chiarelli, as well as you, Mr. Cam Neely.

I’m not saying we (as in the Boston Bruins) need to make a move tomorrow. But a move needs to be made long before the trade deadline. The chemistry needs to be created as soon as possible. That deal needs to be done to get it all figured out.

Who should would fit best in Boston? In my eyes only a few names fit too well for the Black and Gold. TJ Oshie, in particular, fits the Bruins system to a T. If they are able to swing Oshie to Boston, then get ready for the Lucic-Oshie Express.

Another big name whose been on the wire as of late is Evander Kane. Kane is a big guy, and a formerly high draft pick for Winnipeg. Kane, could be the missing link that could lead Boston to a series of victories later this season.

One last guy who I would love to see in Boston is Alex Steen. Steen last year put up absolute numbers for St Louis. Who says he can’t do it for Boston? Steen could fit in on any of the top 3 lines.

I know a lot of people want Jordan Eberle or Taylor Hall. But the question is what price are you willing to pay for these young guns? Both guys could have contracts coming up as well, could break the deals.

There’s also been talk of Tyler Myers being available. Boston would have to give basically everything including the kitchen sink to get him. Would love him here but giving up so much could break up everything that we have now.

Moves need to be made. Sooner than later is the better to say the least. I’ve never really doubted Chiarelli in the past. But right now, I think Petey needs to think long and hard about the moves he’s willing to make.


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