Bruins Taking Steps In the Right Direction


A Bruins victory is rare to come by these days. Especially on the road in a hostile environment like the Xcel Energy Center in Minnesota. Last nights 3-2 victory could be the fuel to the Bruins fire.

The scoring began with Carl Soderberg. As Billy Madison once said, “CARL, GOOD TO SEE YOU”. But Minnesota came right back and scored on a deflection. But before periods end, old reliable, Patrice Bergeron scored on a skipper to take the lead.

But in Bruins fashion, they blew the lead. Funky goal to say the least, but Jason Pominville scored and well it was not pretty. I’m coining times like these, “Typical Bruins Moments”. If you can put two and two together you can figure out what that mean.

As OT began the thoughts began to strings together. The Bruins could lose again in extra time. Same old thing, just a different day right?

WRONG! Loui Eriksson puts one home late in the OT period. Sweet feed from the fellow Swede in Soderberg and finally the B’s win on a night after a game.

Hard fought win, not pretty. But as the legend that is Paul Corsi once said, “A win is a win is a win, doesn’t have to be pretty”. I think Svedverg really showed some guts too. Minnesota is fast and score at will. Svedberg stood toe to toe with them and got the victory.

Big rumblings about a possible deal for TJ Oshie. Yes, that TJ Oshie, and yes I am shaking in my boots thinking about the Olympic hero (no not Kurt Angle) in Boston. Joe Haggarty reported this hot take, and it would be huge. Oshie is a role-player and if one the right line, cough with Looch and Krecji cough, we could be right back in the race for Lord Stanley.

Now just imagine two freight trains like Lucic and Oshie on a line. Could be the rebirth of the NWO. If you don’t know the NWO, look them up. I’m taking the original NWO, not some knockoff brand.

B’s have tonight off before a date with those pesky Jets in Winnipeg. The J-E-T-S have been surprisingly good this season. Could also give us a look at a possible future Bruin in Evander Kane. Should be a legitimate road test.


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