The State Of The Boston Bruins

At the beginning of this season, analysts and fans alike thought the Black and Gold would be the team to beat. Barry Melrose, a hockey guru, said they were the best in the Eastern Conference. But as of right now instead of being the best, the Bruins look like they don’t deserve to play with the big boys.

Boston has been flat out inconsistent and well bad this season. Usually Claude Julien’s squad is putting up numbers at this point and are unstoppable. As we stand right now though, we sit on the outside looking in and may not scratch the surface of the NHL Postseason.

Who is to blame though?

Point the finger at everyone in the organization. Yeah I know, everyone is bold to say, but I have no problems saying it. From front office to on the ice, the B’s have not gotten the job done.

Peter Chiarelli has had problems all season. Start with the Iginla re-signing/not re-signing. Come on, Iginla is one of the best scorers out there and Chiarelli let him walk. Then the Krug and Smith re-signings took far, far to long. And now, when we need Chiarelli to go out and get a player, he seemingly sits by and watch the collapse.

Milan Lucic is supposed to be feared and a strong part of this club. But Looch has been nothing but absent even when on the ice this season. Look at the Patrick Kane goal, Looch watched Kane score and sat at the hash marks twiddling his thumbs.

The Bruins need a spark and they needed it 3 weeks ago. We need to make a move at a star, cough Jordan Eberele cough. Need a guy that can score goals and isn’t afraid to do it.

But hey we still got plenty of time left in the year. I’m hitting the panic button January 10th if we aren’t in striking distance. If we are, then I’ll hold off on panicking until sometime in February.

Need to hit the gas soon, and by soon I mean tonight. The next 5 games are a make or break of this season. It all starts to night in Nashville. This is where the turnaround must begin.


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