Beyond The Game: Travis Hamonic

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Hockey is not a game for the weak hearted. 60 minutes between two teams filled with warriors willing to do anything to defeat their adversary. Travis Hamonic is one of these warriors, a New York Islander edition to be exact.Hamonic, a defense-man from St. Malo, Manitoba, Canada, debuted for the Islanders back in 2010. He was even awarded a 7 year, $27 million extension after the lock-out shortened season in 2012-2013.

At the age of 10, tragedy struck the Hamonic’s family, Travis’s father suffered a massive heart attack and passed away at the age of 44. Hamonic depicts his final moments with his father in a recent episode of ESPN’s E:60. Hamonic’s family would leave their farm in St. Malo and move to Winnipeg. Where he would soon become one of the rising stars in junior hockey.

Three years ago, Hamonic went to the Islanders with an idea, that being he would meet with kids who have lost a parent. He does this win or lose, he wants to show these children that they are not in this alone. Even through the toughest of times and toughest of life’s moments, resiliency is a key function in our every day lives.

Hamonic says he sees himself in these kids, he wants them to know that things will get better. He shares an unfortunate bond with these children through this bond not only are these children gaining closure but so is he. He gave a voice to his grief and gave hope to others.

Every one has a story that goes untold. Some of them good and some bad, but those who are able to cope with misfortune and grief  show that they know closure and satisfaction are not so far away.

If you want a to take a look at Hamonics story, here is the YouTube link, ( Sometimes we just need to look beyond the game to the true stories of some of these athletes.


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