Lester Signs With Chicago

Jon Lester after just throwing a no-hiter in 2008.

It was announced early this morning around 1:30am that Jon Lester and the Chicago Cubs had reached a 6-year deal. I was up at this time and saw the MLB tweet about 4 minutes after it was posted. Yeah I was sad. I think I cried a little before I finally drifted off into sleep.

You hate to hear that a guy that was home grown in the organization will never throw on a Sox cap ever again. He’ll go down with the best of them in Boston Sports, bringing us 2 world titles. But we need to wish Jon luck and simply move on.

Colin Cowherd (ESPN writer) on his radio show over the summer when Lebron was a few days away from making his decision of where he’ll play next, said that people need to start falling in like with players and stop falling in love with them.

I think a lot of us, including me, need to start practicing that.

The Red Sox low-balled Lester in the beginning and it rubbed him the wrong way so he didn’t take the later deal they offered him. That’s just how it goes, its a business.

I obviously wanted him back. We NEED (emphasis on need) pitching bad. But I wouldn’t want him for anything over than what we offered him, 6-years $135 million. The Cubs overpaid ($155 mil. 6-yr.) and the Giants ($168 mil. 6-yr.) would have grossly overpaid if they had got him.

Yes Jon Lester is an ace right now, but he’s 30 years-old and, in my opinion, his best years are behind him.

We could have got him for much less last year at this time. But it didn’t happen and that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

So that being said, good luck Jon. Thanks for the rings, especially the last one. Sort of hope you go break a hundred year curse but that probably won’t happen. It’s the Cubs, have fun.


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