The Final Push: Who Are The First Final Four?

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College football’s postseason problems were said to be over with the creation of the playoff. Well as we stand right now 6 teams are battling for 4 spots in the inaugural playoff.

The 6 contenders right now are Alabama, Florida State, Oregon, TCU, Ohio State and Baylor. One team stands undefeated(Florida State), the others with just one loss. Conference championship games and other remaining games stand in the way, only 4 can make it. Who will it be?

Alabama took down hated rival Auburn last week in the Iron Bowl. The Crimson Tide, coached by Nick Saban, are nearly unstoppable. But the Tide draw Missouri in the SEC Title game, which is no easy test. Sims to Cooper has easily been the best QB to WR combo in the game this year, and the Tide love that they are hitting their stride this late in the year.

Florida State, led by Jameis Winston, has escaped defeat narrowly multiple times this season. The Seminoles get set to take on Georgia Tech in the ACC title game. This could be the stinger that knocks them out.  Maybe Famous Jameis has some magic left in him, Winston is expected to declare for the NFL Draft after this season.

The Ducks of Oregon have arguably the best offense in college football. Marcus Marriota headlines the Heisman race as we speak. They will be matched up against Arizona in the Pac-12 title game. Arizona is the only team to defeat the Ducks this season.

Ohio State is a team that could hobble into the playoff. But without QB JT Barrett, the Buckeyes could be in trouble. Especially against Wisconsin, who touts the best RB in the game in Melvin Gordon. The battle against Wisconsin will be for the Big 10 title.

TCU and Trevone Boykin could be undefeated right now if it weren’t for a pass interference call. The Horned Frogs score at will and show no mercy. They can impress this week when they take on Iowa State.

Baylor and Bryce Petty have been nearly unbeatable this year. The Bears have an immaculate offense but a suspect defense. That defense will be put to the test against Kansas State and Jake Waters this week. Can an outsider make it? Of course they can. That best bets on outsiders are Michigan State and Arizona. Arizona with a win and some help could slide right into that final four.

Now to pick the games.

Alabama over Missouri

Florida State over Georgia Tech

Oregon over Arizona

TCU over Iowa State

Wisconsin over Ohio State

Kansas State over Baylor

Ohio State losing JT Barrett hurts them way too much. Baylor’s defense is just not good. Those two suffer because of this and are knocked out. Oregon wins in a shoot-out, but get the job done. Bama and TCU put their opponents away by the 3rd. Then Winston leads the ‘Noles to another come from behind W.


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