Searching For The Celtics Heart

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Alright, I’m the last one to write something about the Green. I’m a C’s fan from back in the day. But what in the Tommy Heinsohn is going on.

I remember the days of Antoine Walker and Tony Delk. Don’t forget the man himself, the truth, Paul Pierce. Those guys had heart. These guys, in my opinion, simply have little to no heart. The shimmy, the trash talk and the pure emotion had us believing we were perennial contenders. This team flat out stinks.

Rondo, Green and Bass are good in all. But they don’t have that killer instinct that every C’s fan should want. We need a face of our franchise, and my money is on Marcus Smart.

I can say, I’ve been a Marcus Smart guy since he laced them at OK State. Smart’s a guy who can turn around a franchise. Marcus, you’ve got some work on your hands pal.

We need to make a move plain and simple. Blow leads against the Bulls and Cavs, come on man. Danny, I beg and plead you make that move soon. Get a big man as soon as possible, we need one.

Yeah, we lack heart. I said it we lack heart. Jimmy McGinty in The Replacements said it best, “You got to have heart”. We need heart, lots and lots of hearts. We need guys who can start or come off the bench with that “I’m scoring 35 tonight” vibe.

Do we trade Rondo? Not a chance. Rondo is a guy who can make things happen. Does he have an attitude? Oh god yeah. But he’s a guy to keep around. Do I question his mindset though? Yeah, for sure. He is easily one of the most in consistent of all time. He just lacks focus, I know focus and heart don’t seem like a lot, but its what drives a team.

Brad Stevens has a lot of work to do. I keep my faith, he can do it. Just needs the team around him to do it.

I’m just looking for banner 18.


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