Eagles Soar in Dallas

Image courtesy of espn.com

The table was set for a heavyweight match up between the NFC East’s best. Philadelphia and Dallas, a rivalry that boils the blood of fans of the two respected clubs.

I was right about this one. My score prediction was way off but I picked me a winner, and the Birds did their job.

Sanchez played arguably his best game in an Eagles uniform. But he was not the only headline of the game. Even had a rushing TD. Sanchez doing Sanchize things.

LeSean Shady McCoy had himself a day. McCoy needed to step up for this one and he did. McCoy rushed for 159 yards and a touchdown on 25 carries. Have a day Shady!

The Eagles D looked on point as well. They held the seemingly unstoppable DeMarco Murray to just 73 yards. Which is the second time this season Murray was held under 100 yards rushing. Shout out to Chris for saying he was a Murray fan, FYI Chris didn’t know that Murray went to OU. Typical stooge Chris.

Watch out folks, Fletcher Cox and Mychal Kendricks are becoming household names. They along with Connor Barwin were giving Tony Romo headaches the entire game.

Last point goes out to the classless Dwayne Harris. Dude your down by 20 points and you throw a cheap shot. There’s your 15 seconds of fame. You know something is bad when Troy Aikman calls for the ejection. Gutless move by a nobody.

Battle of the Birds at the Linc though next Sunday. The Legion of Boom comes to town for a match up that screams playoff atmosphere. Should be a fun but stressful one.

Until then Fly Eagles Fly.


One thought on “Eagles Soar in Dallas”

  1. Fly, Eagles fly, on the road to victory,
    Fight Eagles fight, score a touchdown one-two-three.
    Hit ’em low,
    Hit ’em high,
    And watch our Eagles fly.
    Fly, Eagles fly, on the road to victory!
    E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!


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