I’m Thankful for Football

Tom Brady after a Thanksgiving day win over the Jets in 2012.

There’s nothing quite like Thanksgiving Day football.

I’m sitting here on my couch, enjoying the Eagles Cowboys game, wolfing down leftovers from my Thanksgiving meal this afternoon, really soaking it all in.

My day starting off rushing down to my town’s field for the tailgate of the local high school football game, a game in which I used to play in myself.

It seemed like the whole town was there. I got to see friends I haven’t seen in months due to being away at college. We all got caught up with each other on our new lives and to be honest, didn’t watch much of the game. The game was more of an excuse to all get together, throw our old lettermans on, cook some burgers, and just enjoy each others company.

After the game, wiping the tears of the seniors, who had just played their last football game, I took off my jacket and went home to my family and the close people in our lives who we share this day with and found myself, once again, watching football.

Small talk, cheese and crackers, and football. Again it wasn’t like we were all watching the game attentively, just on in the background.

After we sat down to our meal, it was back to football. This time it was the family game out in the backyard. I took the ball on an end-around hand-off from my dad, saw there was no hole and decided to heave the ball back to my dad down field (I hadn’t crossed the line of scrimmage yet). The ball was picked off by my sister’s boyfriend and taken back for a touchdown winning the game.

A play that would usually haunt me for days to come actually put a smile on my face. I could see my family inside who weren’t playing laughing and cheering (some of the laughter probably at my horrific pass). I could see the joy in the ones who were actually playing. No one cared about the outcome of the game, we were just having fun. We all went inside, enjoyed the same pie, and enjoyed the same football game on TV.

There’s a reason we spend this day with those so close to us.

From the memories I made on the field, to with my friends in the stands, to my family in the living room and in the backyard, I am thankful for football.

Thanksgiving is America’s holiday and football is America’s game. You put the two together and you get one hell of a day.

One thought on “I’m Thankful for Football”

  1. I know I commented on your “Home” screen about 2 weeks ago and I was wondering if you gave it any more thought. I have continued to come to your blog and I keep liking what you guys post here. Please email me if you are interested in reaching a larger viewership!


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