Beyond The Game: Eddie Lacy

Photo courtesy

When you think of Hurricane Katrina, the first thing that will come to mind is the devastation of the people that were displaced from their homes. Eddie Lacy is no exception. Lacy at the age of 14 was displaced due to the horrific events of Katrina. Lacy and family were forced to live in a trailer in Geismar, Louisiana.

The Lacy family lost nearly everything to the storm. But what they did not lose to the storm, they lost to thieves. What Eddie did those, was set himself for success. Lacy set a goal to get out. Lacy set this goal, which ultimately lead to his recruitment to Alabama.

From there, Eddie Lacy would strive for greatness while playing in Tuscaloosa. Lacy would eventually win a National Title while at Alabama. Lacy ran all over the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame, scoring 2 TDs and rushing for 140 yards. Lacy then a few days later would enter the NFL Draft.

Lacy made his family a promise, that he would move his family from that trailer into a home. Lacy’s family moved into the home back in August after construction finished earlier this year.

Lacy has shown both on and off the field that overcoming adversity is something that anyone can do. On the field, Lacy is easily one of the best young running backs in the game. While off the field, he is a respected member of a family who was able to overcome even the most insurmountable odds.

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