Panda and Hanley to the Sox is Good…Right?

Hanley Ramirez on the left and Pablo Sandoval on the right.

Last night, now former Los Angeles Dodger, Hanley Ramirez reportedly signed the dotted line on a 5-year, $90 million deal that will bring him to Boston until 2020.

Let’s go! We just signed Hanl- wait now Panda too? Not even 24 hours later there are numerous reports saying that Pablo Sandoval is now a Boston Red Sox as well. Jesus, Ben give me some time to celebrate before you keep dropping bombs like this.

Sandoval’s contract (which has not been confirmed yet by the club) is said to be similar to Ramirez’s, 5-years and $95-100 million.

So much to process at once! Where is Hanley going to play? If he plays short stop does that mean we gave up on the Bogaerts project? If Hanley moves to right field (Bogaerts staying at short) does that mean we move Cespedes?

I’m taking option #3.

Hanley is a great shortstop, but he’s also just a great ball player in general and can play pretty much anywhere on the diamond. If we’re talking what’s best for the team, Hanley plays in right, Bogaerts sticks at short, Panda obviously at 3rd (bye Middlebrooks thanks for the ring), and deal Cespedes for a guy like Chris Sale of the White Sox: A hard throwing lefty that could pitch second in the rotation.

Back to dealing Cespedes, a lot of you might think I’m crazy because the guy is a perfect fit at Fenway Park. He has a thunderous swing that sends balls screaming over the monster, and his cannon of an arm makes him a serious threat for plays at the plate or attempts at extra-bases. The one-two punch with him and Papi is great and it seems like they get along well, almost Manny-Papi-esque. Not to mention the guy had over 150 hits in 2014, with 100 RBI’s and 22 long bombs. But I guess there have been reports that he hasn’t gotten along with the Sox front office. Saying that he’s a one-man show and not a team oriented guy.

Get him off my team. With a year on his contract left and those numbers, his trade value is though the roof. We can easily get someone or a few people that can help our pitching rotation out. I’d rather that than a guy with a sour attitude, or to have problems with Hanley and Bogaerts battling for a spot on the team.

Now with all this excitement signing two big name players that fit our roster, I’m still not satisfied.

I’m from Massachusetts and have been graced with 11 championships in my 18 years of life, of course I’m not satisfied.

I want Lester. Give him back. Ben give him back to me. I hear “Runnin’ Out of Moonlight” (his warm-up song) on the radio and have to change the station.

Ben Cherington would look like a genius if he could get Jon Lester to come back to Boston and get another big name guy in a trade with Cespedes.

With all that, this could be a fun summer and an even better fall.

Did I really just write about how I’m not completely satisfied after signing Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval? I’m a spoiled brat. But that’s why I live in Title Town.


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