What More Injuries Means for the Bs

Krug carries the puck Tuesday night against the Blues. Photo via bruins.com

Another Bruins D-man Adam Mcquaid is said to miss 6-8 with a broken thumb which was suffered in Tuesday’s win over the blues. The Bruins now must go without two of their top 4 defensemen because Chara is still out with that torn PCL.

Not to mention Marchand, who is probably our hottest goal scorer, will be out for a little as well.

Now, I’m never one to question management. I didn’t bitch when Lester was traded, I thought Bill knew what he was doing when he sent Mankins packing, and I still think the Seguin trade was more beneficial than keeping him. Despite all of that I really am starting to hate the Boychuk move.

I know it was for cap room but I really believe that there could have been a better option. Chiarelli saw that he had an abundance of D so he thought that moving Johnny freakin Rocket could give him some valuable picks. I guess we have to wait when those 3 draft picks are on the team and see if they can score huge playoff, twine seaking missiles from the blue line. But I digress.

Krug is finally back from his finger mishap so it makes things a little better but the Bruins, again, will have to rely on a young defensive core with Hamilton, Krug, Morrow, Miller, and Bartowski.

The young defensive core follows the theme of this year; next man up.


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